A dog must be enrolled each series year to compete in the NSD Squirrel Series Competition. The enrollment is only good for the current series year and allows the dog to compete in any NSD Squirrel Series division, shoot-out or specialty hunts. The Enrollment for the Squirrel Series Competition can be completed at a NSD hunt or the enrollment form can be mailed to NSD. A Temporary Entry Card will be issued for any dog enrolling at a NSD hunt. The Squirrel Series Entry Card that replaces the temporary card will be mailed to the owner of record via USPS. Squirrel Series Entry Cards will also be mailed to the owners when enrollment forms are submitted via postal service. This Entry Card must be presented at each and every hunt the dog is to be entered.

Once a dog has been enrolled to compete in a NSD event for the first time, an Ownership Certificate will be issued containing a NSD Permanent ID Number. This Permanent Identification Number (PIN) will be used for Championship Degree tracking. The PIN must be used when enrolling the dog each series year to ensure that its Champion Points are tracked correctly. If the dog is sold, the transfer of ownership form on the back of the Ownership Certificate should be signed by the current owner(s), then filled out completely by the new owner, and submitted along with the $10 transfer fee to NSD for proper transfer of ownership.


Please mail the completed Enrollment Form & $25 Enrollment Fee to:

National Sporting Dog, Inc.

PO Box 881

Crossville, TN 38557