NSD Handler License Information


In order to participate in any NSD Competition Events, a handler must purchase a Handler’s License which is good for the handler’s lifetime. This license is available to those individuals that are interested in competing and promoting the sports of dog hunting. Anyone purchasing the Handler License hereby agrees to follow conditions:


  1. Agrees to follow the rules, regulations, and policies as outlined in the NSD Rules, Policies, and Regulation Handbook either written or on special occasions when modified by NSD.
  2. To conduct themselves as sportsman; both on the grounds and while competing in a NSD event.
  3. Agrees to accept the final decisions of NSD, Hunt Director, Judge, Question Panel, or Disciplinary Panel.
  4. Agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless National Sporting Dog LLC, its officers, sponsors or anyone working with the organization for any damages, injuries or deaths that occur as a result of their participation in any NSD event whether arising from negligence of the said releases or otherwise to the fullest extent allowed by law.
  5. Agrees that should the dog entered in a NSD event suffer any physical harm while involved in a NSD competition, or while on the grounds in which the event is held, the handler and owner will hold the Hunt Director, Land Owner, and National Sporting Dog LLC HARMLESS.
  6. Understands that during the NSD events, they will be participating on land that may have seen or unseen hazards which can cause injury or even death. The Handler agrees to hold harmless and release from liability, the Hunt Director, the National Sporting Dog LLC, and the owner of the property for any and all injuries that may be suffered during a NSD event.
  7. Agrees that the Hunt Director, Club, and the National Sporting Dog LLC are not responsible for loss or theft of personal property.
  8. Agrees to this same release of liability for minor child or children who are accompanying them at any NSD event.
  9. Agrees to give permission for their quotes, pictures or videos bearing their likeness to be used in promotional activities by National Sporting Dog LLC without compensation on their behalf.
  10. Agrees to have read all the rules and further agrees to abide by them at any and all functions of National Sporting Dog LLC and understands that not following the rules is entirely their fault and theirs alone.
  11. Agrees that National Sporting Dog LLC reserves the rights and powers to itself and in its discretion and sole judgement, to take action and impose sanctions that would:

  • Bar an individual from participating or entering any NSD Event.
  • Bar an individual from registering or transferring any dog or puppy in that person’s name (primary or secondary owner) or to any member of that person’s family.
  • Fine, Suspend or Revoke a Handler’s License

  12. Agrees and understands that any unsportsmanlike or other misconduct will be evaluated by a Disciplinary Panel that   may result in them being fined, having their license placed on probation, suspended, or revoked or a combination thereof.

  13. Agrees that any dispute or legal actions that arise from this competition event will be litigated and resolved in the Circuit Court of Cumberland County, Tennessee.

  14. Agrees to present the Handler License at all NSD events in order to participate in the event.


The Handler License is a onetime fee of $10.00 which good for the handler’s lifetime and can be purchased at a NSD event or mailed order. The License Application can be completed at a NSD hunt or can be mailed to NSD. A Temporary Handler License will be issued for any Handler Application received at a NSD event. The permanent Handler License that replaces the temporary card will be mailed to the handler via USPS. The Handler’s License must be presented at each and every hunt in which the handler is handling a dog in the event.


Please mail the completed Handler Application Form & $10 License Fee to:

National Sporting Dog, Inc.

PO Box 881

Crossville, TN 38557